Big Bend Regional Hospital District (BBRHD)

is a Bi-County Hospital District which serves Brewster and Presidio Counties. The management, control and administration of all funds and resources of the District are vested in the Board of Directors. Our primary mission is to provide the Presidio Brewster County Indigent Health Care Program to our Bi-County residents in a quality and cost-effective manner.


Marfa Meds is a medication distribution service operated by the BBRHD for residents living in Presidio County.  Prescriptions are transported from pharmacies in Alpine to our Marfa Meds location at Porters in Marfa.  

Individuals may call their prescription refills into their Alpine pharmacy or have your medical provider send new prescriptions into their Alpine pharmacy.  Each morning the Marfa Meds pharmacy technician picks up any prescriptions that are available and transports them to Marfa.  These prescriptions can then be picked up by the individual between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM from the Marfa Meds pharmacy technician.

Marfa Meds is open Monday through Friday, except holidays. 

Eligible Grant Applicants
Brewster and Presidio County entities that provide healthcare related services to needy, or other services consistent with the objectives of the District, for residents of Brewster or Presidio Counties are eligible to apply.

​Big Bend Regional Hospital District

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