Big Bend Regional Hospital District


The Big Bend Regional Hospital District is the administrator of this healthcare plan.  It is not insurance coverage and may not be accepted by some medical facilities or physicians.  The BBRHD and the PBCIHP is not responsible for services that are provided by non-network physicians or facilities.  The Big Bend Regional Hospital District has administrative control over this program and may from time to time modify, make administrative or operational changes, or suspend coverages as they deem necessary.  In non-emergency situations patients and providers should determine if the anticipated services are covered by this Program and to what extent before beginning medical treatment.

The Big Bend Regional Hospital District (District) is charged by Article IX, section 9 of the Texas Constitution to provide certain health care services to the County's needy inhabitants.  In addition, section 61.055 of the Texas Indigent Health Care and Treatment Act, (Ch. 61 Texas Health & Safety Code) requires the District to provide the health care services required under the Texas Constitution and the statute creating the District.  The District's enabling legislation provides that the Board of Directors of the District shall have the power and authority to promulgate rules governing the healthcare services to be delivered by the District in Brewster and Presidio counties. 

 The District is committed to ensure that the needy inhabitants of the District receive healthcare services in an equitable and non-discriminatory manner through the District's program.  The District believes medical care services can be provided in a manner that is fair and equitable, efficient and without undue expense of local taxpayer dollars, which fund such care.