The Board of Directors meet on the third Thursday of the month at locations in Presidio or Brewster County for their regular meetings, but they may be re-scheduled to other weeks to accommodate schedules or availability to obtain quorums.  

Special Meetings, Workshops and Public Hearings are held as may be necessary at anytime when called by the Board of Directors.  Residents are urged to refer to the official public notice posted no less than seventy-two hours in advance of meetings for the exact time, date and location of board meetings.  Public notices are posted at County courthouse bulletin boards in both Brewster and Presidio County, at the Alpine office of the hospital district and on this web site.

Meetings in Alpine are held at the District offices at 105 W. Holland when held in Brewster County.  When meetings are held in Presidio County they may be held either at the Casner Room at 113 S. Highland Avenue in Marfa, Texas or at the PBICHP offices at 602 W. O'Reilly in Presidio, Texas.  

The District may hold public meetings at other locations in either Brewster or Presidio County and the public is urged to confirm meeting date, location, and time from the posted public notice.

In addition to the meetings of the Board of Directors, the District may hold public hearings each year in the fall. During the month of August or September public hearings are held as required by the Tax Code, related to the proposed property tax rate to be adopted by the District. In addition the District holds one budget meeting public hearing in either Brewster or Presidio County related to the annual operating budget for the hospital district. 

All meetings of the District are public meetings open to the public and the media.  

Individuals who desire to address the Board of Directors on specific items that the individual wishes to have place on the meeting agenda must follow the District's procedure related to the placement of an item on the meeting agenda.  This procedure related to individuals addressing the Board of Directors at an open meeting can be viewed and printed by clicking on the link button below.  

Individuals who wish to address the Board related to items already posted on the agenda will be given this opportunity at the Public Comment session of each meeting without prior notice to the District and will be held to two minutes.

The District does have rules related to public comments at the meetings and interested individuals are urged to review these procedures by clicking the link below on this page.

The next scheduled meeting information and Agenda are available on the top right side of this page. Agendas from past meetings can be viewed and printed from the links on the right side of this page.

Board of Director Meetings

Location:  105 W. Holland Avenue

​                    Alpine, TX 79830

​Date:          Monday, August 15, 2022

​​Time:         2:30 PM


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