Annual Tax Rate Resolution

A taxing unit, other than water districts and small taxing units which are covered by special provisions, must publish special notices and hold two public hearings before adopting a tax rate that exceeds the lower of the rollback rate or the effective tax rate.

A taxing unit’s governing body must adopt a tax rate by official action and set it out in a written resolution, ordinance or order.

District Financial Information

Annual Budget 

An annual operating budget shall be prepared according to generally accepted accounting principles for approval by the Board of Directors. The budget shall contain estimated revenues and balances available to cover the proposed budget; and the estimated tax rate.

A public hearing on the annual budget shall be held by the Board of Directors after notice of such hearing has been published at least ten (10) days before the date set therefore. Notice of the budget hearing shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Hospital District. Any resident of the district shall have the right to be present and participate in said hearing. At the conclusion of the hearing, the budget, as proposed, shall be acted upon by the Board of Directors.

Annual Audit 

The Board shall cause an independent audit to be made of the financial condition of the district, which, together with other records of the district, shall be open to inspection at the principal office of the district.

​Big Bend Regional Hospital District