Esther Howard, Chairman

District 5

Alpine, Texas


​Next Election: May 2024


Director Contact:

Vanessa Nunez, Interim Executive Director

Big Bend Regional Hospital District

105 W. Holland Avenue

Alpine, TX 79830


James "Cuatro" White IV, Secretary

District 2

Marfa, Texas

​Term: 2018-2022

Next Election: May 2022

Alfredo Armendariz, Director

District 1

Presidio, Texas

Term: 2020-2024

Next Election: May 2024


Greg Henington, Director

District 3

Terlingua, Texas

​Term: 2020-2024

Next Election Date: May 2024

S. Buddy Cavness, Vice Chairman

District 4

Marathon, Texas

​Term: 2018-2022

Next Election: May 2022

​Big Bend Regional Hospital District

                                                                                       BIG BEND REGIONAL HOSPITAL DISTRICT
                                                                         NOTICE OF OPEN BOARD OF DIRECTOR VACANCY
The Big Bend Regional Hospital District seeks to fill a vacancy on its Board of Directors. The Board position for Director, Single Member District 5, which includes Alpine and Sunny Glen area.

To qualify, person must be a registered voter, reside within the boundaries of Brewster County, District 5 and complete an application. The term to be filled will begin with approval of the Board of Directors and will continue through May 2024.
Interested parties should complete an application in person at the Alpine office or by calling Vanessa Nunez, Interim Executive Director at 432-837-7051.

                                                                                           Big Bend Regional Hospital District-Alpine Office
                                                                                                               105 W. Holland Ave.
                                                                                                                     Alpine, Texas


Board of Directors

Directors are elected from five Single Member Districts (SMD) that are established in accordance with population guidelines and regulations promulgated by the United States Department of Justice.  Existing precinct lines will be adjusted every ten years in accordance with census data as published by the United States Census Department. 

​The management, control and administration of the District is vested in the Board of Directors who represent all residents of the District equally, regardless of the county, city or community of residence.