​Big Bend Regional Hospital District

Lisa Taylor, Chairman

District 3

Alpine, Texas

Term Expires:   May 2020

Esther Howard, Treasurer

District 5

Alpine, Texas

​Term Expires:  May 2020


S. Buddy Cavness

District 4

Marathon, Texas

Term Expires:    May 2022

Marco Baeza, Vice-Chairman

District 2

Presidio, Texas

Term Expires:  May 2022

Board of Directors

Directors are elected from five single member districts (SMD) that are established in accordance with population guidelines and regulations promulgated by the United States Department of Justice.  Existing precinct lines will be adjusted every ten years in accordance with census data as published by the United States Census Department. 

​The management, control and administration of the District is vested in the Board of Directors who represent all residents of the District equally, regardless of the county, city or community of residence.


Robert Rice, Secretary

District 1

Presidio, Texas

Term Expires:   May 2020