Presidio-Brewster County Indigent Healthcare Program

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BBRHD, where we began and where we are going.

The District was created by acts of the 72nd Texas Legislature in 1991 where the Brewster County Hospital District and the Presidio County Hospital District were merged into the current Big Bend Regional Hospital District.  The 80th Texas Legislature consolidated and codified previously enacted legislation to create the existing enabling legislation of the District.   

The District was created to provide hospital and medical services for needy residents of the District a charge that is the basis for the hospital district.

On October 1, 2014 the District rolled out the newly branded Presidio-Brewster County Indigent Healthcare Program (PBCIHP) where significant changes were made in the administration of the indigent healthcare program that was the basis of the District.  The program saw significant growth thanks to the outreach provide by the newly created Patient Advocate positions. 

Big Bend Regional Hospital District

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Big Bend Regional Hospital District

105 W. Holland Ave.

Alpine, Texas 79830

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​Big Bend Regional Hospital District

​​​​​The Big Bend Regional Hospital District (BBRHD) is a political subdivision of the State of Texas which was established through special legislation in 1991 to provide healthcare for needy residents of Presidio and Brewster Counties.

​​The District

BBRHD administers the Presidio Brewster County Indigent Healthcare Program (PBCIHP), which provides assistance to low income county residents of Brewster and Presidio Counties who do not qualify for other state or federal healthcare programs. The program provides resources to qualified residents through a network of service providers which includes clinics, hospitals, physician offices, and other healthcare providers. 

Our Mission Statement

The Big Bend Regional Hospital District is a bi-county hospital district which serves Brewster and Presidio County.  The management, control and administration of all funds and resources of the District are vested in the Board of Directors. Our primary mission is to provide indigent health care to the needy residents of the area in a cost effective manner.​​